UWinnipeg to Educate, House Five Haitian University Students

Aug 26, 2010 | Corporate Member News

The University of Winnipeg will bring five university students from Haiti to Winnipeg to support the continuance of their post-secondary studies, which have been interrupted by the devastating earthquake that hit the Caribbean country in January. The University will cover all costs for these students including tuition and residence fees, books, clothing, medical support and counselling while they complete their degrees. An active fundraising campaign on UWinnipeg’s campus will be expanded to the broader community with members of the public invited to help support the five students.  

The initiative is an immediate result of the Haitian Students Task Force, which was formed by UWinnipeg President & Vice-Chancellor Dr. Lloyd Axworthy shortly after the earthquake. Task Force members are working closely with government officials at both the Federal and Provincial levels to expedite items such as student visas and health insurance. The students are expected to arrive in Winnipeg in the Fall of 2010. Three students will come from the State University of Haiti and two will come from the University of Quisqueya.

“The devastation in Haiti unleashed a profound desire from our faculty, staff and students to stand in solidarity with Haitian people and offer help in a tangible, meaningful way,” said Axworthy. “We are committed to developing a long-term relationship with this group of students, their communities and their educational institutions. These are the leaders who will help rebuild Haiti. Our goal is to strengthen and broaden the many skills and abilities they already possess. Our first step is to provide an immediate, safe place to live so they may complete their university degrees. It is also our sincere hope that other educational institutions across Canada will consider similar efforts.” 

The academic programming details to be offered at UWinnipeg are currently in development and will be flexible and adaptable to meet the Haitian students’ needs.  Courses provided through The UWinnipeg’s popular English Language Program will be available to the students as necessary.  

The five students will be housed together in a residence owned by the University and will be included in the University meal plan for international students. 

The International Student Resource Centre on campus, in partnership with the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association raised $1,800 at its International Students’ Dinner in January to help support the Haitian students. 

A special account has been set up through the University of Winnipeg Foundation to accept help for the five students. 

Donations can be made to the Haitian Student Bursary Support by contacting the University of Winnipeg Foundation at 204-786-9995, or toll free 1-866-3946050, or donate on-line at http://www.uwinnipegfoundation.ca/.  An official charitable income tax receipt will be provided. 


Diane Poulin, Communications Officer, The University of Winnipeg

P: 204.988.7135, C: 204.293.1167, E: [email protected]

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