Manitoba Youth Job Centres Reach Milestones: Rondeau

Aug 13, 2010 | Government News

300,000 Young Manitobans Find Jobs, Acquire Skills 

More than 300,000 students and youth throughout Manitoba have gained employment skills and experience along with valuable connections to employers during the 35 years the Manitoba Youth Job Centres (MYJC) have been operating, Healthy Living, Youth and Seniors Minister Jim Rondeau announced today. 

Minister Jim Rondeau

“The services provided by these job centres are truly invaluable,” said Rondeau.  “This anniversary provides an opportunity to recognize their importance and the tangible difference they’ve made in the lives of more than 300,000 Manitobans over the years.  I sincerely congratulate everyone involved in providing this assistance.” 

Along with employment referrals, the centres provide students and youth with vital information about employment-related issues such as labour regulations, resume preparation, interview assistance, and workplace safety and health. The centres also assist employers by posting employment opportunities free of charge. 

The MYJC’s are operated by the Manitoba government in co-operation with community-based sponsoring committees in 32 rural locations throughout the province. Additionally, Manitoba partners with the federal government in the operation of 11 Service Canada Centres for Youth in urban centres.  The centres operate from May to August with offices in Winnipeg and Brandon providing year-round services. 

This milestone highlights Manitoba’s continued commitment to the success of the province’s youth by providing access to valuable career development, post-secondary information, employability skills, and first work experience, the minister said.  The MJYC’s also provide valuable summer work experience for 44 post-secondary students who, in most cases, return to their home communities to manage the centres. 

“These students are ambassadors in their communities, they represent the best and brightest that Manitoba has to offer, and set an example of leadership and initiative for other students and youth to follow,” said Rondeau. “I look forward to seeing many more Manitobans helped in future years.” 

The partnership with the Government of Canada and the ongoing support of local communities and their sponsoring committees have been integral to the success of the MYJCs in reaching 300,000 Manitobans, Rondeau said. 

The minister also noted that 1,253 Green Team jobs were created for youth across the province.  Since 2001, more than 12,600 jobs have been created through the Urban, Hometown and Conservation Green Teams. 

 As well, a program for high-school and post-secondary students seeking work in government departments, special operating agencies and Crown corporations, called STEP, created an estimated 1,300 jobs for students this summer. 

“All of these programs keep youth busy and expending their energy in a productive and positive way that lays the foundation for better futures for them and benefits Manitoba,” Rondeau said. 

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