Recruiting for Leadership Winnipeg Class of 2010-2011

Jul 28, 2010 | Government News

Leadership Winnipeg, a program offered by The Winnipeg Chamber and Volunteer Manitoba, is about “shaping tomorrow’s leaders today” – bringing together participants from a wide variety of sectors and providing experiences that will inspire and help them develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of themselves, their community and their role in it.

Monthly, full-day “Learning Days” feature guest speakers, tours and leadership development sessions to enhance the participant’s communication, facilitation, collaboration and time management skills. As well, participants work on a team-oriented project, that this year will involve publishing a book of profiles on community leaders.

Leadership Winnipeg has begun recruiting for the Class of 2010-2011, limited to 30 people. Register today or tell someone you know about the program. For more information click here or contact: Wendy Stephenson at 944-3317 or [email protected]

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