Discovery Channel Going Dinosaur Hunting in Morden

Jul 11, 2010 | Government News

The Morden and District Chamber of Commerce is excited about an opportunity to put Morden and the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre on the Global Tourism Map. 

On Monday, July 12th the production crew from Discovery Channel’s – Daily Planet will be at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre with cameras in tow. 

The crew from the Discovery Channel will be spending a full day with the CFDC team as they film what may become a major fossil discovery. 

“The Discovery Channel called us to see if we had anything important to film.  They came to us!  Coincidentally, on that same day the fossil prospecting at our dig site began to exposure what may soon become a significant fossil discovery.  The timing is perfect!  As scientists, we are so excited to see the increasing profile of our marine reptile fossil collection” said Anita Janzic, curator at the museum. 

The Discovery Channel will begin their day by filming out at the dig site.  If time permits, they hope to follow the fossils back to museum and document how a collected fossil is handled in the collections room and laboratory. 

This recognition is a major milestone for the CFDC as they continue the push to establish this Manitoba museum as an international centre for fossil research and discovery.  All fossils collected by the CFDC are done in accordance with provincial legislation and the fossils are the property of the Province of Manitoba. 

For the first time in nearly two decades, the CFDC has mobilized a field crew to prospect and dig for fossils.  The mobilization of a crew that is dedicated to the pursuit of fossil discovery is already paying dividends to the museum. 

“Our field crew is actively prospecting and digging for fossil on a daily basis.  Our paleontologists are top-notch and their success will be increasingly evident.  The Manitoba Escarpment in the Morden area is abundant in fossils.  You can expect much more from us in the years to come,” Tyler Schroeder – General Manager.

 The arrival of the Discovery Channel furthers the case in support of building a new museum, which is the long-term goal of the museum.  It is a great support to the Town of Morden and the Pembina Valley region. 

“This further emphasizes the impact our museum has on the scientific community.  We are pleased to be working in cooperation with our friends from the Discovery Channel to showcase the amazing marine reptile fossils we continue to find in the Morden area.  We hope that this will lend to the successful realization of our goal to build a new world-class facility,” Henry Penner – President. 

The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre houses the largest collection of marine reptile fossils in Canada, including a 43-foot long mosasaur named “Bruce”, the largest mosasaur in the country. Housed in the Morden Community Centre, the CFDC is working towards building a new state-of-the-art facility in the Manitoba Escarpment. 

For more information contact:

Tyler Schroeder, CFDC general manager
(204) 822-3406 
Anita Janzic, CFDC curator
(204) 822-3406

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