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Jul 9, 2010 | Government News

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A commitment to producing the finest Quality For The Plate.

Hytek Ltd. was founded in 1994 as a joint venture between two farms in Southeast Manitoba and has quickly grown to become Canada’s largest pork producer. Hytek’s head office is in La Broquerie, Manitoba and produces 1.4 million pigs annually in Canada and the United States. This includes both commercial and genetic production.  

As a company we remain committed to producing the safe, nutritious and high-quality pork products that consumers deserve.  We take all measures to ensure that our products meet or exceed highest industry standards within an environmentally sustainable system. We are also committed to providing a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees and providing our valued staff with continuous opportunities to grow and succeed in a dynamic work environment. These commitments have helped Hytek achieve recognition as not only one of the leading producers of premium quality food products for the global marketplace, but also the honour of being named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies

Pork Safety Explained – Dr. Cate Dewey


Our Operations

Vertically structured to encompass all facets of hog production.

Hyteks global operation system based in La Broquerie, Manitoba currently produces over 1.4 million pigs annually. In addition to livestock operations, Hytek Ltd also operates several divisions, which serve our core business and fulfill the founders’ original objective of efficient and self-sufficient production practices. These include:

  • Feed mill facilities to provide livestock with top quality, nutritious feed;
  • Transportation fleets for movement of feed and livestock;
  • Genetics laboratories to maintain and improve the top herd quality;
  • A construction company ensuring all facilities meet Hyteks bio-security specifications;
  • A manure management company to assure application of animal waste which exceeds government standards and returns valuable, natural nutrients to the soil;
  • A manufacturing and distribution centre where supplies used by Hytek operations are warehoused.  Hytek also manufactures some items to maintain quality control and cost efficiency;
  • A pork processing plant, providing a “Farrow-to-Fork” quality control process.

Strategically Partnered

With an eye to the future, Hytek Ltd. regularly develops new business relationships and has engaged in several strategic partnerships to broaden our capabilities and scope within the industry worldwide. One such partnership has come to fruition with the development of the Tianzow Food Company in China.  This project marks Hyteks first venture into the Asian marketplace, and shows its commitment to developing into a global market force.

 To find out more about Hytek visit its website here.

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