Deloitte Releases “The Road To Inclusion”

Jul 7, 2010 | Corporate Member News

Integrating People With Disabilities Into The Workplace

In keeping with our commitment to diversity and our sponsorship of the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, Deloitte held a series of Dialogue on diversity roundtables to discuss the role the business community can play in addressing the issues facing people with disabilities.

The roundtables began March 3, 2010, in Halifax and traveled to six other cities during the Paralympic Games, including Toronto, Ottawa, Saskatoon, Montreal, Edmonton, and concluded in Vancouver on March 19. Each session included representatives from the business community, special interest groups, government agencies, current and former Paralympic athletes, and Deloitte partners and colleagues.

This white paper is the result of these discussions, and it provides insights into key recommendations of those involved.

“I hope that the ideas that come out of this white paper will add another voice to the discussion and reinforce the importance of celebrating all aspects of diversity in Canadian business,” says Jane Allen, partner and Chief Diversity Officer.

How to access the report

To ensure the white paper is available to people with different abilities, we have produced several versions for you to access below:

 PDF version
 etext version
 Audio recording

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