Province Supports Unique, Manitoba-Made Hybrid Vehicle

Jun 24, 2010 | Government News

Pilot Project to put Westward Industries Interceptor into Service On University of Manitoba Campus:  Chomiak 

A unique plug-in hybrid vehicle developed in Manitoba and now being tested in American cities will be piloted at the University of Manitoba as the province supports efforts to secure federal approval for its use on Canadian roads, Innovation, Energy and Mines Minister Dave Chomiak announced today. 

The Honourable Dave Chomiak

“Our government is pleased to continue to support this Manitoba company and its unique homegrown technology now being embraced by our American neighbours,” said Chomiak.  “Westward Industries is a shining example of Manitoba innovation in green technology and we are pleased to announce the University of Manitoba will be a piloting the Interceptor on its campus.” 

The Interceptor hybrid runs on electricity from a battery pack that is recharged as needed by a gas fuelled generator while the vehicle is in operation.  This is different from conventional hybrid technology that switches between a gas-powered engine and battery power.

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