Three-part Publication Tells Story of Manitoba’s Diverse Ethnic Heritage

Jun 22, 2010 | Government News

Multiculturism Shaped Province as Immigrants Forged New Lives: Marcelino, Howard 

In celebration of Canadian Multiculturalism Day on June 27, Culture, Heritage and Tourism Minister Flor Marcelino and Labour and Immigration Minister Jennifer Howard today launched the first part of a three-part publication entitled Ethnicity Series – a Demographic Portrait of Manitoba. 

The Honourable Flor Marcelino

“Throughout history, generations of immigrants have arrived in Manitoba to forge a new life,” said Marcelino.  “Multiculturalism is alive and celebrated in our communities as new immigrants and a large number of Manitoba-born residents continue to identify with their ethnic origins and contribute to our province’s rich multicultural mosaic.”

The three-part series provides readers with Manitoba-specific demographic information:

  • Volume 1 presents the population by country of birth. It focuses on the foreign-born population and its recent regional distribution across Manitoba and Winnipeg.
  • Volume 2, to be released later this year, will present the mother tongues of Manitobans.
  • Volume 3 will provide details about visible minority groups in Manitoba and will show census responses about ethnic origins of Manitobans. 

The Honourable Jennifer Howard

“This series of publications helps to capture the essence of Manitoba’s diversity by outlining current trends in Manitoba’s regions as well as Winnipeg’s community areas,” said Howard. “By having more detailed information about the makeup of Manitoba’s communities, service providers and agencies we will be in a better position to plan and target their activities.”


This unique series is the first of its kind in Manitoba. Copies of the publication will be available online on the Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Tourism website at and the Manitoba Labour and Immigration website at

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