MHPM Project Managers (MOM Article)

Jun 22, 2010 | Government News

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Is leadership the missing factor in your capital project?

MHPM creates certainty and optimizes asset investment

MHPM’s only objective is project success as defined by the client.

Capital projects and corporate assets represent a significant investment for both owners and tenants. MHPM Project Managers provides strategic and project management services to the public and private sectors to ensure that this investment is well spent. We have done so with great success since 1989. Whether your challenge is delivering a multi-use development, integrating asset strategy with business objectives or managing a complex move, certainty of results is the objective every project owner seeks. MHPM delivers that certainty. We offer the full range of program and project management services, from strategic advice to complete project delivery.

Regional Knowledge, Global Presence

MHPM Project Managers Inc. is a privately held company jointly owned by the president, members of the senior management team, and our corporate partner Colliers Macaulay Nicolls Inc. (CMN). CMN is part of Colliers International, a worldwide real estate services organization and a division of FirstService, a global leader in the real estate sector providing services in commercial real estate, residential property management and property services.

MHPM delivers services to clients from a distributed network of fourteen offices across Canada; an office in the US: and one office in Libya that represents MHPM’s interests in the Middle East and North Africa. MHPM plans to open three additional offices in the US in 2010 in Washington DC, New York City and Atlanta, with additional offices expected to open in 2011.

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