Selkirk Chamber Helps Launch Catfish Site

Jun 18, 2010 | Government News

Combine some of the best channel catfishing in the world with a great chance of first prize ($20,000) and what do you have? 

The Manitoba Catfish Invitational held August 6th, 7th and 8th in Selkirk, Manitoba. 

Organized by the Selkirk and District Chamber of Commerce, this event promises to attract loads of two person catfish teams from across North America. With the Manitoba Catfish Invitational set to go, tournament organizers believe that anglers who get a taste of the great fishing will come back often. Legendary Angler Al Lindner calls the channel catfishery in the Selkirk area, “the best in the world!” 

Now all the tournament information is online at Here you will be able to enter, find accommodation and any other information you need to know about the Manitoba Catfish Invitational. 

Dave Bayluk, who is helping organize the event, says that Selkirk and the surrounding communities are looking forward to welcoming anglers. Hotel rooms and campgrounds sites have been set aside for tournament competitors. 

Where is Selkirk? Well, it’s closer than you think!  It’s just a short hop up Highway I 29, with a double lane highway all the way to Winnipeg about two hours from Grand Forks.  From Minneapolis, you’re travel time is roughly 8 hours. From Winnipeg, it is just 18 more miles north to Selkirk – a friendly community located right on the mighty Red River. 

If you have a passport, feel up to the challenge – we’re here for you!  Call us today to book your boat – just $500 per boat with first place being $20,000 and a generous list of 15 secondary cash prizes too!!! 

The biggest annual tournament in the history of this area is now kicking off – be part of the excitement, call us today at (204) 482-7176 to register or email: [email protected] 

To find out more about the Selkirk and District Chamber of Commerce visit its website here.

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