Transforming Education in Alberta: Inspiring Education Steering Committee Report released

Jun 3, 2010 | Government News

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Envisions students who are engaged, ethical and entrepreneurial

Inspiring Education, a report outlining high-level direction and a vision for education over the next 20 years, was released by the 22-member Steering Committee of Inspiring Education: A Dialogue with Albertans.  Approximately 4,000 Albertans participated in this unique public engagement project last year through facilitated community sessions, a conversation kit, a provincial forum and various social media tools.

“The Steering Committee has listened to and built on the views of Albertans to establish a roadmap for the future of education in Alberta,” says Education Minister Dave Hancock. “This report challenges everyone involved in education to make the many bold but necessary changes that will prepare our students for their future.”

The report stresses engaged thinking, ethical citizenship and entrepreneurial spirit as the three foundational competencies that must be fostered in every student by Alberta’s education system.

“Inspiring Education has initiated an ongoing public dialogue about how education engages Alberta’s families and communities,” says Jeff Johnson, MLA for Athabasca-Redwater and Co-Chair of the Steering Committee. “Albertans know the importance of education and want more meaningful, wide-ranging local community involvement in learning opportunities. We need each and every Albertan to continue to contribute to the conversation and play a part in building a bright future for our children.”

In addition to setting out the competencies the education system should strive to develop in youth, the Steering Committee’s report outlines education policy shifts required to support a future vision, and guiding principles that will help shape the future of education in Alberta. It also examines the broad implications for governance and leadership in education.

“Teachers can look forward to transformative changes that are both empowering and challenging. By engaging communities in learning, and enabling learning in communities, we will make learning more relevant and accessible to all Albertans,” says Brent McDonough, a teacher with Edmonton Catholic School District and a Co-Chair of the Steering Committee. “We’ve prepared a report which reflects both the steering committee’s and the dialogue participants’ bold and courageous thinking about how to position Alberta’s education system for success in 2030.”

On June 15th, Hancock will release an education discussion paper, which will lay the ground work for further changes in the education system, including new education legislation. The steering committee’s report will serve as a basis of the discussion paper.

The Steering Committee Report is available online at

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