Premier Enlists Community Leaders to Help Reduce Poverty Through Education and Training

May 27, 2010 | Government News

Education Best Means of Ensuring Active, Meaningful Participation in Society of More Manitoba Families:  Selinger

Premier Greg Selinger today announced a council of community leaders with a mandate of finding the best ways to ensure more Manitobans complete education and training that leads to jobs and economic opportunity for themselves and their families.

Premier Selinger

Premier Selinger

“Education changes lives, opens doors and is a birthright in this province,” the premier said.  “I am looking to this outstanding group of front-line experts to advise me on the best ways to break down whatever barriers still exist that prevent some Manitobans from taking full advantage of this opportunity.” 

The 29-member Premier’s Advisory Council on Education, Poverty and Citizenship is co-chaired by Brian Postl, incoming dean of the University of Manitoba faculty of medicine and Doris Young, assistant to the president of Aboriginal affairs at the University College of the North. 

The council will bring together Manitobans from public and post-secondary education and training, community development, First Nation, Métis and Aboriginal organizations, and newcomer and refugee organizations to share their experience in delivering programs and policy that ensure more Manitobans complete education and find meaningful employment, the premier said. 

Based on the model used by the successful Premier’s Economic Advisory Council, the council will provide direct advice to the premier and is the latest component of the province’s ALL Aboard Poverty Reduction Strategy. 

Announced in 2009, ALL Aboard focuses on four key areas to reduce poverty including education, jobs and income support; safe and affordable housing; strong, healthy families; and accessible social services. 

Manitoba has reduced its child-poverty rate by half and the rate of single mothers in poverty by more than 45 per cent over the last decade, according to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. 

“While we have made progress in reducing poverty, we need to work each day to ensure as many families as possible are able to be full and active participants in this great province,” the premier said. “I am pleased council members will share their wisdom and expertise as we work to build on our success and help improve the lives of even more Manitobans.” 


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