Largest Graduating Class of Building Crane Apprentice Operators Signals Province’s Strong Economy: Selinger

May 21, 2010 | Government News

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This year’s largest-ever graduating class of crane operator apprentices shows that Manitoba’s economy remains strong and is supported by a booming construction industry, Premier Greg Selinger and Marc Lafond, training director of the Operating Engineers Training Institute of Manitoba, announced today. 

Premier Selinger

Premier Selinger

“I am proud today to congratulate Manitoba’s largest graduating class of crane apprentices.  Growing apprenticeship training is a part of the foundation of this government’s plan to build Manitoba’s economy,” said Selinger, who toured the training site today.  “This graduating class builds on our commitment to create 4,000 new apprenticeship training opportunities.”

This week, 18 students will complete their Level 2 operator’s training, which is conducted by the institute in partnership with Red River College.  The students, some of whom have been apprentices for over three years, are on their way to becoming certified and interprovincially recognized Red Seal crane and hoisting equipment operators. 

“We train to meet demand and in terms of construction this province is booming,” said Lafond.  “Manitoba needs more people to help put up skyscrapers, schools and bridges and the Manitoba government’s commitment to apprenticeship has made a big difference.  “Operating a crane takes an extremely high level of critical thought as you frequently have thousands of pounds of weight, dangling perhaps 100 metres off the ground, at a construction site.” 

“What crane apprenticeship training in Manitoba has done is helped streamline the industry on a national level,” said instructor Jay Hrominchuk.  “Other countries are stepping up their training to try to match Manitoba and Canada’s programs, which are the gold standard.” 

Training of the students, who come from all corners of Manitoba, is supported by Apprenticeship Manitoba.  More information about this and other Apprenticeship training programs is available at

More information about programs at the Operating Engineers Training Institute of Manitoba is available at

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