Centreport Canada Agreement to Further Enhance Manitoba’s Trading Relationship with Asia Pacific: Selinger

May 18, 2010 | Government News

CentrePort Canada has signed a co-operation agreement with Cuntan Bonded Port Zone in Chongqing, China, a move Premier Greg Selinger said will help Manitoba continue to build its trading relationship with China and further enhance the province’s strategic position along the Asia-Pacific Gateway. 

Premier Selinger

Premier Selinger

“China is an important trading partner for Manitoba and Canada,” Selinger said. “Two-way trade between Manitoba and China has nearly doubled over the past five years and it is important that we keep building our relationship. On-the-ground partnerships like the one between CentrePort Canada and Cuntan Bonded Port Zone can be extremely helpful in opening doors to new investment opportunities.” 

The co-operation agreement between the two inland ports was signed in China today by Zhu Dalun, chief supervisor of Cuntan Bonded Port Zone, and Diane Gray, president and CEO of CentrePort Canada. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Stockwell Day, president of the federal Treasury Board and minister responsible for the Asia-Pacific Gateway. 

The premier said the agreement will focus on three priority areas:  

  • exchanging best practices and market information that is useful in strategic planning; 
  • engaging in joint promotions that help increase awareness in both Canadian and Chinese markets; and 
  • sharing technology that will enhance the security, efficiency and environmental sustainability of goods moving along the supply chain. 

“When it comes to doing business in international markets, one of the best ways to raise awareness and tap into new opportunities is through local contact,” Gray said. “As inland ports with many similarities, it made sense for us to partner with Cuntan Bonded Port Zone and collaborate in areas that will be of benefit to both our organizations.” 

CentrePort Canada is Winnipeg’s 20,000-acre inland port, strategically located in the heart of North America along key east-west and north-south trade corridors such as the Asia-Pacific Gateway and the Mid-Continent Trade Corridor to the United States and Mexico, Selinger said. Cuntan Bonded Port Zone is centrally located in China, also along important east-west and north-south trade routes. Both inland ports are foreign trade zones and offer access to multi-modal transportation options including air, rail, road and sea.

Two-way trade between Manitoba and China increased to $1.24 billion in 2009 from $693 million in 2005.

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