Mailbag: Morris & Highway 75

May 12, 2010 | Government News

Rik Edel, Past-President, Morris Chamber of Commerce wrote:

Microsoft Word - Document9On May 4, 2010, the Highways and Infrastructure Minister Steve Ashton spoke in Morris about the plans the province now has for Highway 75 regarding the flooding situation. After exhausting all alternatives, the provincial government has decided that raising the highway is, in fact, the best option available. I would like to refer you to the article dated May 7 in the Red River Valley Echo:

While this is a very exciting announcement, nothing concrete has yet been done. We hope that we can count on the MCC’s continued support and wish to thank you for the deliberate persistence you have shown on this resolution thus far. Your work on behalf of this pivotal project has been very much appreciated by not only the Morris Chamber, but by all those that will benefit from it.

I would like to add, for those whom this topic affects in any way, there is a form that the provincial government made available to the Morris Chamber for ANYONE to fill out and submit. It voices the concerns and opinions of all Manitobans. If you would like a copy to submit and share your considerations, please contact myself ([email protected]), our president Mabel Maxim ([email protected]) or our secretary ([email protected]). Any support is very much appreciated. 

These  comments originally appeared in relation to a post  entitled “2010-2011 Resolution: Keeping the Link to the United States Open. Click here to access that post.  

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