Education Minister Nancy Allan Launches Education Week, April 12 to 16

Apr 12, 2010 | Government News

The Province of Manitoba is distributing this release on behalf of Manitoba, the Manitoba School Boards Association and the Manitoba Teachers’ Society. 

Public Schools: Open Doors, Opening Minds Theme of 2010 Celebration 

Education Minister Nancy Allan was joined by the presidents of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society and the Manitoba School Boards Association today to officially launch Education Week 2010 on Monday, April 12 in Winnipeg. 

The Honourable Nancy Allan

The Honourable Nancy Allan

“Our government strongly supports public education and is proud to be a partner in promoting this week-long event that celebrates the contributions of teachers, specialists, administrators and trustees to our school system,” Allan said.  “This annual celebration highlights the importance of public education and the innovative programs taking place in Manitoba schools.” 

The theme this year – Public Schools:  Open Doors, Opening Minds – showcases two of public education’s greatest strengths:  that everyone is welcome in our schools and that our schools are committed to nurturing students’ growth and development. 

Bistro in the Park exemplifies these qualities.  It is a full-service restaurant that trains and employs students in the Cooperative Education Program of the Louis Riel School Division. The restaurant, which has been serving lunch to the public five days a week since opening in 1999, is located in a residential strip mall close to Windsor Park Collegiate. 

“Teachers recognize that public schools are always changing and adapting to meet the diverse needs of our students,” said Society President Pat Isaak.  “Bistro in the Park is a great example of a program that has been developed to give cooperative education students the confidence and skills they need to succeed – and Education Week is the perfect opportunity to highlight programs like it.” 

“Education is a collaborative process,” noted Manitoba School Boards Association President Hugh Coburn. “Education Week is a time for all Manitobans to recognize and celebrate the partnerships that make great programs like Bistro in the Park possible.” 

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