SEO & Online Marketing for Small Business – A PeerFX Webinar by Damon Holowchak – SearchMakeover Internet Marketing Inc.

Apr 7, 2010 | Corporate Member News

The days of a website simply working as an online business card or pamphlet are done. The online presence of a business now carries with it unprecedented access to customers, and a level of interaction and branding that has never been seen before. Unfortunately, the necessity of a website far preceded the function that we now see today and as a result, there are literally millions of businesses with millions of websites not built on a foundation that will support the current online marketing trends and practices.

There are many additional obstacles for start up businesses entering markets that may have many well-entrenched online competitors.

Where does a business start? Do they scrap their old site and start a new one? Do they need a blog? How do I separate myself from the sea of websites in my niche?

These questions can start being answered when one has a solid grasp of the fundamental practices of Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

It may seem like magical online voodoo to the “non-tech-y” business owner, but there is a solid foundation of SEO practices that you can learn to employ into all of your online marketing strategies. This will not only help you with your in house web marketing, but allow you to make confident decisions when outsourcing your marketing strategies.

In this short Webinar, we will be covering the basic Pillars of Internet Marketing and how each applies to marketing a small business.

The 3 pillars of SEO

Site Architecture –  Does my site meet the technical requirements of Search Engines & and the navigational needs of visitors?

Content – Is my content keyword rich and relevant to my targeted niche? Do I have enough of it? Is it any good? Do I take advantage of all the media and resources available to me?

Links – Is anybody pointing at my site? Am I indexed in directories? Would anybody WANT to use me as a resource? How do I get links?

We will also cover basic assessment tools and techniques, and offer some free resources for you to begin your own search engine dominance!

We look forward to seeing you online.

For additional information, please contact Damon at mailto:[email protected].

How to Register:  You can sign up to attend the webinar on May 11th, 2010 (Tuesday) using this link

What’s Coming Up Next?  PeerFX Power Tuesdays Webinar Series will continue every week so look out for our next webinar on the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce virtual network!  Our next topic will be on change management – how do you transition from a small business where things are more ad hoc, to an entity with more structure as you grow?  Register for it today right here!


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