MCC Meets With Provincial Finance Critic

Apr 7, 2010 | Government News

Stefanson meeting (260 x 230)

Graham Starmer, MCC President, recently met with Heather Stefanson, MLA for Tuxedo and Finance Critic for the Official Opposition, the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba. 

The meeting focused on the MCC’s Pre-Budget submission (click here for details) and the recent Provincial Budget. 

Starmer particularly noted the MCC’s concerns over the revamping (re-revamping?) of the Balanced Budget legislation and the rise in revenue from the Payroll Tax (click here for details).

As part of its ongoing efforts to help Manitobans get acquainted with our political leaders and the issues they face the MCC took the opportunity to video Stefanson’s response to five questions: 

  • What is the biggest surprise relating to your portfolio?
  • What is the biggest challenge in relation to your portfolio?
  • What is the biggest opportunity in relation to your portfolio?
  • What inspired you to get into politics?
  • What is your favourite office nick knack and why?

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