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Mar 23, 2010 | Government News

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Monsanto is an agricultural company. We use the tools of modern biotechnology to make seeds easier to grow, which allows farmers to do more with fewer resources.

When farmers succeed, we succeed. So, we take our cue from our farmer customers. We use the tools of modern biology to support our commitment to agriculture and support the farmers that feed, clothe and fuel our growing world.

We are constantly looking for ways to maximize the potential of seed – both yield potential and the technology used to protect it – so farmers can get more out of each crop. Today, farmers use our innovative seed-based products to help them protect their crops, produce healthier foods,
better animal feeds and more fibre, while also reducing agriculture’s overall impact on the environment.

Monsanto Canada – headquartered in Winnipeg – offers Canadian farmers a full line of canola, corn and soybean seed products which are marketed under the DEKALB brand name. We also work with industry partners to broadly license biotechnology traits including Roundup Ready technology for canola, corn and soybeans and YieldGard insect protection for corn. This approach ensures that farmers can access our products in the varieties that mean the most to their farm.

In addition to seed products, Monsanto offers a range of herbicides including the world’s best-selling herbicide, Roundup® that is used by farmers, foresters, consumers and lawn-and-garden professionals.

Globally — with its head office based in St. Louis, Missouri — Monsanto Company invests almost $1.5 million a day to look for and bring to market the innovative technologies that our customers tell us make a difference on their farms. And this research is about more than biotechnology. Our efforts use many tools that include genomics, breeding, crop analytics, chemistry and biotechnology in combination to bring forward new products that address our customers’ needs:

  • Genomics – gene discovery and function identification
  • Biotech Transformation – input (weed, disease, insect control) and output (quality, nutrition, yield) focus.
  • Seed – establishment of world leading germplasm positions in canola, corn and soybeans
  • Chemistry – New Roundup formulation research

Today, our researchers and breeders are working in labs, greenhouses, and fields around the world on the next generation of products that will help deliver a pipeline of future beneficial products for farmers, processors and consumers. Current research programs in Canada are focused on seed and trait development in canola, corn, and soybeans. Specific areas of focus include:

  • Molecular marker development
  • Quality enhancements
  • Quality assurance technologies

Our Canadian research pipeline is focused on:

  • Molecular breeding for yield, maturity and disease
  • YieldGard Corn Root Worm
  • Hybrid canola development
  • Quality enhancements in canola and soybeans, including low saturates, high oil, and low linolenic varieties such as VISTIVE low-lin soybeans
  • Drought tolerance and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in canola.

Monsanto Statistics

  • Monsanto People Worldwide: 17,000
  • Monsanto People in Canada: 300
  • Monsanto Canadian Locations:

– Head Office: Winnipeg, Manitoba

– Eastern Business Office: Guelph, Ontario

– Regulatory/Government Affairs Office: Ottawa, Ontario.

Canadian Research Facilities

  • Soybeans:

– Guelph – Seed Research and Breeding

  • Canola:

– Carman – Canola Research Centre

– Cranbrook – Seed Manufacturing

– Lethbridge – Seed Manufacturing and Hybrid Production

– Listowel – Canola Seed Research and Breeding

– Winnipeg – Canola Research Lab


  • Chatham – Seed Manufacturing
  • London, Ontario – Seed Research and Breeding

To find out more about Monsanto, visit its website here.

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