CCC Releases Action Call: Information and Communications Technology

Feb 9, 2010 | Government News


Today, The Canadian Chamber of Commerce released Powering Up the Network: A Report on Small Business Use of E-Business Solutions in Canada. The report benchmarks Canada’s progress in information and communications technology (ICT) and e-commerce adoption among small businesses and provides concrete recommendations for government and businesses to work hand-in-hand to get Canada back on track. 

The report reveals that Canadian businesses are behind their international counterparts in conducting e-commerce and that Canada has slipped internationally in ensuring its digital infrastructure is world class and, as a result, it has become more difficult to attract and keep jobs in the knowledge-based economy. 

The Canadian Chamber is encouraging you to meet with your MP to stress that the federal government must continue to work with the private sector to accelerate e-business adoption among small- and medium-sized enterprises.  The federal government must also create a favourable investment climate that encourages foreign and domestic investment in Canadian e-business opportunities. Ottawa needs to understand that investments in ICT are important to small businesses. 

To help you in your discussions with MPs, the Canadian Chamber has prepared: 

  • an At A Glance summary of the issue, click here;
  • the full report, click here; and
  • a media release, click here

If you have any questions regarding ICT, please contact Chris Gray at 1.800.661.2930(251) or at [email protected]

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