MCC Website Now Features a Tag Cloud

Jan 26, 2010 | Government News

TAG Cloud (2) (260 x 260)
A Portion of the MCC’s Tag Cloud

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce website now has a Tag Cloud so you can track ‘hot’ topics. 

Located at the bottom right-hand corner of every page of the website, the Tag Cloud features the 45 most-used Tags on the site. The topics are listed alphabetically and the font size of each Tag grows the more it is mentioned on the site. 

Each Tag in the cloud is also a live link to all posts relating to that topic. 

 “As the diversity and scope of the content of our site continues to grow we are committed to adding features that enable our viewers to access the information they want, easily and quickly” explains Dan Overall, MCC Director of Policy and Communications. “It’s all part of our goal of making this site the preeminent online source for news and ideas relating to Manitoba’s business community.” 

It is also a great tool that demonstrates the breadth of issues on the radar screen of Manitoba’s largest and most diverse business association.

What are Tags? 

A tag is a keyword used to describe an article or website. Tags are often used in social bookmarking, social news and blog entries to help users search for relevant content.


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