Province Commits Additional $100,000 In Response To Haitian Earthquake

Jan 20, 2010 | Government News


Premier Selinger

Premier Selinger

As international relief efforts gain momentum in earthquake-devastated Haiti, Premier Greg Selinger today committed an additional $100,000 toward the country’s recovery and humanitarian aid. 

“Manitoba is a caring community that reaches out with a helping hand in times of need, whether it is to volunteer to sandbag for our neighbours during a flood or pledge assistance to a help devastated nations around the world,” said Selinger. “Our hearts go out to the nation of Haiti and its people who have lost family and friends in this devastating earthquake. We extend this additional support as the world community unites to step up recovery efforts in the region.” 

The commitment brings to $200,000 the total support the provincial government is providing to the Manitoba Council for International Co-operation (MCIC), which will ensure the money will be used for aid and reconstruction in Haiti. 

The International Red Cross estimates that about three million people have been affected by the earthquake and estimates now suggest it may have killed between 100,000 and 200,000 people.

The earthquake damaged or destroyed thousands of homes, heavily damaged the water system, destroyed hospitals and schools, and knocked out electricity in much of the country. 

Manitoba is home to a number of overseas relief and development organizations and the province has developed a unique arrangement that funds them through the MCIC, an independent coalition of organizations that oversees the distribution of development dollars. It works with member organizations to identify on-the-ground needs and acts to ensure assistance is distributed fairly and where it can provide the most benefit. 

The provincial government has supported relief efforts of the MCIC in response to several international disasters including the devastating landslide in the Philippines and earthquakes in Indonesia and Pakistan.


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