Manitoba Chambers of Commerce President works with the Labour Management Review Committee (LMRC)

Dec 23, 2009 | Government News

Graham Starmer, MCC President

Graham Starmer, MCC President

The Labour Management Review Committee (LMRC) was established in 1964 by a unanimous resolution of the Legislature.  In its original form, the Committee’s mandate was to undertake a continuing and comprehensive review of labour legislation and labour-management relations in the Province of Manitoba. 

­­The LMRC, with equal representation from labour and management, came into being as the culmination of a process which began in 1963.  Several labour‑management seminars were held over a 12‑month period to examine the main aspects of industrial relations in Manitoba.  Labour and management representatives attended these sessions, and a consensus developed that the establishment of a permanent committee representing both parties would make a valuable contribution to labour‑management relations.  In the Speech from the Throne of February, 1964, the government announced its intention to establish such a committee.  The Manitoba Labour Management Review Committee was formed shortly thereafter.

The membership of the LMRC currently consists of 5 labour and 5 management representatives (decided as appropriate by the labour and management constituencies), a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a government representative and a secretary (appointed by the Minister of Labour). The length of term and conditions of appointment are determined by the respective caucuses.  Each caucus co-chair is responsible for ensuring that there are processes in place for obtaining input and representation from their broader constituencies and for keeping them informed on committee developments. 

The LMRC early this spring was given the task by the then Labour Minister to examine the Minimum Wage for Manitoba. This daunting and emotional task has been discussed by Labour and Management a number of times over the past months but a successful resolution has yet to be found. The LMRC will no doubt be challenged into the New Year to come to an amiable resolution of the issue which will be a Win Win situation for both Labour and Management [business]. 

Many organizations are concerned about a positive outcome.

Here are three examples of organizations that have written to the government to express their concerns (click on the title of the organization to access their letter): 

If you have an opinion on the issue of Minimum Wage post your comments below.

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