Cocoon announces partnership with The Rainbow Society

Dec 23, 2009 | Corporate Member News

Cocoon's brand director and principal Kyle Romaniuk

Cocoon's brand director and principal Kyle Romaniuk

 Agency principal gets a chance to give back to an organization that made his dreams come true

This holiday season, Cocoon is proud to share a recent change in its ongoing support of The Rainbow Society. 

Cocoon has recently announced that they will be providing branding and marketing services to The Rainbow Society absolutely free of charge. In addition, Cocoon’s brand director and principal Kyle Romaniuk has joined the Society’s board of directors. 

The Rainbow Society makes a difference in Manitoba for the families of children suffering with a serious illness. Making a dream come true for a child lets them live out a part of their childhood and it creates a memorable experience for the whole family. 

This partnership is deeply meaningful to Romaniuk and the Cocoon team because of his past with The Rainbow Society.

Romaniuk with the dolphins as a child

Romaniuk with the dolphins as a child

“As a child with cancer,” says Romaniuk, “The Rainbow Society made a dream come true for me. They sent me and my family to Florida and we had one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. Swimming with dolphins allowed us all to forget about treatments, hospitals, and needles – even just for a day. You can’t put a price on those memories. The memories of that dream coming true almost outweigh my memories of being sick.” 

“I feel privileged to do everything I can to help The Rainbow Society help more of Manitoba’s children and their families,” Romaniuk continues. 

“Right now, we’re getting to know The Rainbow Society – where they are today, and where they’d like to be tomorrow. Imagining the future is the first step to making it reality,” says Romaniuk. “We’ll be following the same process we use with all our clients, helping them to define themselves and focus on what makes them unique before beginning to build and enhance their brand around it.”

Grace Thomson, executive director of The Rainbow Society, says: “Kyle understands more than anyone what our dream children are facing with their treatments, examinations, countless needles, and endless trips to the hospital as they face the challenge of a life-threatening illness. It is truly remarkable to be part of Kyle’s fullcircle moment. The Rainbow Society is thrilled that he has joined our board of directors and is dedicated to making dreams come true and providing priceless memories for children who are currently experiencing what he so bravely conquered.”

About The Rainbow Society

Founded in Winnipeg in 1983, The Rainbow Society is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to fulfilling once-in-a-lifetime dreams for Manitoba children suffering from a life-threatening illness. Our goal is to say “YES” to every dream child. To date, The Rainbow Society has made over 490 dreams come true for Manitoba children.

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Cocoon works with a broad range of clients in many different categories including start-ups and established brands. Cocoon assists in creating brands, their brand identity design, and branded experiences. Our approach promotes relevant creativity, focusing on the needs of the target audience and considering the core essence of the brand. Being a multi-disciplinary agency, Cocoon is able to conceive ideas and introduce them to the world in any way deemed most effective and appropriate – whether one or a combination of product design, advertising, online, print, retail environment, packaging, and non-traditional forms. 

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