Strengthened Environment Act Proclaimed By Government

Dec 1, 2009 | Government News

New Rules Give Officers More Power To Clamp Down on Failing Private Waste-water Systems: Blaikie
The Honourable Bill Blaikie

The Honourable Bill Blaikie

Provincial efforts to improve Manitoba’s environment with a focus on Lake Winnipeg have taken another major step forward with the proclamation of a strengthened Environment Act, Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie announced today

“With this legislation, we have expanded the inspection powers of environment officers and introduced a new regulation requiring the reporting of the release of pollutants into the environment,” said Blaikie.

The act now requires the reporting of any pollutant that may cause, is causing or has caused an adverse effect on the environment. Additionally, under the new act, greenhouse-gas emissions from a proposed project must now be considered before a licence is issued. The act also provides environment officers with expanded power to intervene in a situation before the environment is impacted. 

The strengthened Environment Act builds on the province’s enhanced inspection programs, which focused initially on the north Red River corridor. The program is designed to inspect waste-water systems on residential properties in sensitive areas to ensure the environment is being protected.

The province’s enhanced inspection program’s first sweep focused on the north Red River corridor. The program is designed to inspect waste-water systems on residential properties in sensitive areas of the Red River corridor to ensure the environment is being protected. 

Last year in the West St. Paul area, 167 properties were inspected and about 50 warning tickets issued requiring property owners to take corrective action. In the Hecla/Grindstone Provincial Park area, 542 cottage properties were inspected and 14 warnings issued. Another 46 properties will require followup inspections. 

Over the coming year, the program will expand to include the Killarney Lake, St. Clements and East St. Paul areas. Additional environment officers will be hired and assigned to priority areas to protect the environment, focusing on water protection. 

“All Manitobans have a shared responsibility in protecting our environment and water quality,” said Blaikie.

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