Sequoia Energy Advances U.S. Wind Farms

Nov 23, 2009 | Corporate Member News

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Sequoia Energy Inc. with offices throughout western Canada and the mid-western USA has advanced its plans to build a 150 MW wind project with over 60 turbines in Rolette County, North Dakota about 50 kilometres south of Killarney, Manitoba where it had proposed a wind farm two years ago. 

The Sequoia “Border Winds Energy Project”, to be sited in and around Rolla, North Dakota (pop.1400), received resounding support from land owners, local politicians, county administrators and economic development and job creation agencies at the North Dakota Public Service Commission hearings recently.

Over 70 people attended the Public Service Commission (PSC) hearings, a required step in the construction of a wind farm in North Dakota, and all of them spoke in favour of Sequoia’s project. It’s expected that the PSC will deliver its ruling to approve the $360 million development in early 2010. In the meantime some final environmental reviews with US Fish and Wildlife Service authorities are concluding and a power purchase agreement with a utility is being planned. It’s expected those steps could be accomplished and shovels in the ground in the next 12 to 18 months, says Ron Diduch, Sequoia CEO and President.

“Since the wind knows no borders, the wind in and around Rolla, North Dakota is very similar to the good wind results we had tested in the Killarney area. The Rolla project is being well received by both the community and the government,” Diduch says. 

North Dakota is just one of five provinces and 11 states that Sequoia Energy Inc. has projects under development including Montana where Sequoia opened an office in Great Falls, Montana this spring and where Diduch recently met with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer and senior government officials. 

“Montana has significant wind energy resource. It is a pivotal state for interconnection between Canada and the United Sates and is central for transmission into the western United States. The new transmission opportunities being created in Oregon and California and systems being planned in the Great Plains continue to strengthen Montana’s critical role in renewable energy supply for the nation. And we plan to be a part of that,” says Diduch. 

“Having worked now in 11 states it’s clear that support for renewable energy is a priority for everyone from the land owners, county officials, and state governors right up to the White House,” says Diduch who in December will attend the Western Governors Association meeting in San Diego to expand talks with California markets and utilities for renewable energy sales from Montana and other Western states. 

In the last two years Sequoia Inc. has attracted international investors, expanded its reach across the West and Mid-West United States and Central and Western Canada. In the course of that it has doubled its workforce to include 24 salaried staff and contractors and has people working in Europe, Canada and the U.S. 

About Sequoia Energy: 

Sequoia Energy Inc. is a leading renewable energy developer in North America. Sequoia initiated the first Manitoba wind farm in St. Leon, Manitoba. This successful 99-megawatt project, demonstrated that wind energy is economically feasible in the region. Today Sequoia is focused on renewable energy projects in western Canada and the West and Midwest U.S. Sequoia’s “Community First” approach has been instrumental in demonstrating that wind energy is a safe, reliable, economically sound, environmentally and socially responsible source of energy for North America. Sequoia’s business model is based on the importance of partnerships and collaboration. Its corporate goal is to facilitate a smooth introduction of renewable energy into established energy production and transmission networks, bringing new income and economic opportunity to rural areas. 


See the North Dakota media coverage by clicking here.  


Ron Diduch, Chief Executive Officer of Sequoia Energy, +1-204-927-0290, [email protected]; 

or Media, Shirley Muir of The MediaBank Inc., +1-204-771-7523, [email protected]

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