Whelan Enns Associates Inc. (MOM Article)

Nov 20, 2009 | Government News

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Gaile Whelan Enns of Whelan Enns Associates Inc.

Gaile Whelan Enns of Whelan Enns Associates Inc.

Gaile Whelan Enns established Whelan Enns Associates Inc. (WEA) as a sole proprietorship in 1992. After close to two decades, the firm has grown to include a dozen staff, and associates. WEA provides technical, historic, and scientific research and analysis services, web site design and maintenance, media services, project management, and various technical services, which include map products and GIS data analysis.

Today our team of knowledge workers holds expertise in natural resource management, earth and atmospheric science, hydrogeology, aquatic studies, community forestry, wildlife biology, website design, GIS mapping, geography, environmental assessment, technical reviews, consultations, and project management.

WEA has a strong history of project delivery in Manitoba. The types of projects we undertake are diverse in nature – from the creation of information and decision tools for First Nation communities to research and analysis of a body of scientific literature to mapping of community knowledge. Research, technical reviews conservation biology gap analysis, consultation models, and public policy audits are all tools of our work. Facilitating informed decision-making for management of public lands and waters are central to our technical work.

Clients include companies, stakeholders, environmental organizations, environmental charities, government agencies, industry associations, and Aboriginal communities who share our passion for the future of Manitoba’s lands and waters. Scope for our services may be specific to Manitoba, Canada, or continental. Environmental policies and methods regarding climate change, water quality, sustainable forestry, and impacts from development proposals often challenge our team.

Unique products from our work are often cited as models. Manitoba’s Mining Sector Protected Areas consultation, Manitoba’s First Nations Protected Areas MOU, Poplar River First Nation Lands Management Plan are all examples of processes and tools where our participation and contributions are essential to the final outcome for Manitoba’s lands and waters. 

To find out more about Whelan Enns Associates Inc. visit its website here

And look for the “Postcards from the Business Edge” profile of Whelan Enns Associates Inc. in the 2009 3rd Quarter edition of the Focus Magazine.

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