Province Requests Special Audit: Wowchuk

Oct 21, 2009 | Government News

Minister Rosann Wowchuk

Minister Rosann Wowchuk

Finance Minister Rosann Wowchuk, minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro, today requested the Office of the Auditor General

(OAG) conduct a special audit of recent allegations made by an external consultant concerning Manitoba Hydro’s risk management. 

“We have asked the auditor general to prioritize this special audit and we have offered special assistance to the OAG to bring in out-of-province expertise to assist with the review,” said Wowchuk. “We have also asked the auditor to report her findings to the legislative assembly as soon as possible.”

In the summer of 2009, the OAG indicated in its annual report that it would be reviewing Manitoba Hydro’s risk-management practices. Through a special audit and additional resources, the OAG can complete its work on a more timely basis, said Wowchuk. 

“This government is committed to transparency and public accountability,” the minister added. “I am confident the Office of the Auditor General has the knowledge and the capacity to carry out this audit to address any concerns.”

This special audit will also review the specifics of the external consultant’s work for Manitoba Hydro as well as Manitoba Hydro’s management of the consultant’s contract, Wowchuk said. 

“Additionally, we have been advised by Manitoba Hydro that they have committed to engage auditing firm KPMG to do a further in-depth and independent review of the corporation’s risk management practices. The Public Utilities Board will be asked to assist with drafting the terms of reference for this external review.” 

Wowchuk noted the next meeting of the legislature’s Standing Committee on Crown Corporations dealing with Manitoba Hydro will be called shortly.

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