Governor Doyle Signs Innovation Agreement with Manitoba

Oct 15, 2009 | Government News

Premier Gary Doer

Premier Gary Doer

Agreement Promotes Collaboration, Commercialization and Bilateral Trade 

MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Province of Manitoba and the State of Wisconsin promoting the growth of innovation through collaboration, commercialization and bilateral trade. The agreement, signed by Governor Doyle and Premier Gary Doer, promotes a working relationship between Wisconsin and Manitoba and builds upon current efforts to advance emerging technologies and enhance the mid-continent knowledge “IQ” corridor.

“Wisconsin and Manitoba share a strong past and a bright future in research and technology development,” Governor Doyle said. “This agreement builds on our common strengths and commits to continuing collaboration that will lead the future of innovation and grow our economies.”

“Wisconsin is one of Manitoba’s most important trading partners,” Premier Doer said. “And we share much in common in terms of investing in research and development in the areas of bio and life sciences, the knowledge sector, renewable energy, water treatment and management, and other new and advanced technologies. Much more can be accomplished when we work together and share resources, creativity and expertise.”

The MOU encourages collaboration in supporting a climate of research, innovation and technology development, and builds on Wisconsin and Manitoba’s $900 million annual bilateral trade.

The MOU names several areas for cooperation, which include:

  • Promote and facilitate collaboration, research and development in: biosciences and life sciences, agricultural and human health, renewable energy and environmental industries, water treatment and management and transportation;
  • Encourage and promote joint research and development and business relationships, including the promotion of the cross-border “knowledge corridor”;
  • Share publicly-available information and promote opportunities for alliances, skills and technology transfers,  partnerships and joint ventures;
  • Enhance the success of technology commercialization by sharing best practices and encourage shared entrepreneurial activity, commercialization and incubation of technologies; and
  • Promote and facilitate bilateral trade and joint trade promotion, especially in innovative industries including biotechnology, agribusiness, component manufacturing, energy and information and communication technologies.  

Governor Doyle is committed to growing industries based on innovation and advanced research. Last year, the bioscience and research industry contributed $8.7 billion to the state economy, supporting 34,000 jobs. From the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center to the Genomics Initiative that aligns the intellectual capital of four major research institutions, to the UW-Milwaukee and Medical College and the Institutes for Discovery, Governor Doyle is committed to investing in partnerships that bring ideas to the market to create jobs and spur economic growth.

The Manitoba Government has a strong commitment to innovation and research. Since its establishment in 2003, the Manitoba Research and Innovation Fund (MRIF) has invested $86 million for new discoveries in agriculture, health, technology, aerospace and clean energy development. In addition, the provincial government’s Refundable Research and Development Tax Credit is among the highest R&D tax credit in the country at 20 per cent. Manitoba will continue to build its “innovation economy” through the newly-formed Innovation Council – aimed at bringing together the province’s business, research and investment communities to help guide government’s innovation policy.

To view the full text of the MOU, visit:

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