CCC Report Calls for the Development of a Canadian Sustainable Energy Strategy

Oct 4, 2009 | Government News


Today, at the Canadian Chamber’s Annual General Meeting in Victoria, BC, Chair of the Board Roger Thomas launched a new report, Powering up Canadian Prosperity, which calls for the development of a Canadian Sustainable Energy Strategy.   

Over the last year, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has been working to bring together energy producers, energy users and companies in related sectors (such as suppliers and value-added manufacturing) to examine what is needed to ensure that Canada continues to have a vibrant energy sector that will provide a stable, secure and flexible supply of affordable energy, in a sustainable manner, now and in the future.  

It is our hope that as a part of Canada’s national chamber network, that your chamber will take part in a push towards getting this strategy on the radar of various stakeholder groups within your community and beyond.   To assist you in doing this, we are able to provide the following documents:  

  • The Executive Summary of the report – if you’ve only got a little time to understand the report’s direction – read this.  It can also be used by you when you meet with MPs, business leaders, the media, your members and other interest groups within your community.
  • The report itself – which we hope that you will make available to your members.
  • A template letter – so that you can send the report to your Member of Parliament.  

Canada has the capacity to be an energy powerhouse, but we can only get there if we move from our current ad hoc approach to one that brings the multitude of opportunities and challenges together in a manner that supports both a vibrant and strong energy sector and all Canadians.

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