Fude Restaurant’s Manitoba Cül Company Podcast Now Available

Sep 17, 2009 | Corporate Member News

Chris Fougere, founder and operator of Fude Restaurant

Chris Fougere, founder and operator of Fude Restaurant

The menu of Fude Restaurant says “it’s time to try things with a new attitude”, and that basically sums up how Fude distinguishes itself from the competition. 

Fude boasts dishes like “Die by Chai cheesecake and Chile Chocolate Chicken. Critics have raved that Fude embraces “cuisine alchemy”. 

It is an approach that has earned Fude the type of buzz that definitely qualifies it as a cool company.  It opened in 2002 and was immediately named one of the top restaurants by Where Magazine. The following year Fude won the first ever Restaurateur of the Year award given by Ciao magazine and it was awarded Best Upscale Casual Dining in Canada in 2008.

Check out insights and lessons learned from one of Manitoba’s leading-edge entrepreneurs, Chris Fougere, founder and operator of  Fude Restaurant. The interview covers a range of topics including strating a business using guarantees and social networks like Facebook and Twitter to develop a fan base.

Access the podcast here.

At the same location you can access earlier episodes:

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Find out more about Fude by accessing its website here.   

And tune in to the Manitoba Cül Company radio show on 92.9 Kick FM every first Tuesday of the month.

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