Mondetta (MOM Article)

Sep 16, 2009 | Government News

The name Mondetta, meaning ‘small world’, has become synonymous with harmony and diversity. Ardently believing all are indeed created equal, Mondetta enjoyed initial success by offering simple yet sophisticated sportswear featuring flags from nations around the world.

The Mondetta ‘spirit of unification’ message has gained international recognition and fosters benevolence and goodwill increasingly required in the global village. From crowds at major international sporting events to world famous celebrities proudly sporting the Mondetta label, the clothing has universal appeal from the everyday to the sublime.

Today, the fashion evolution continues with an upscale and sophisticated outlook, unprecedented quality and a staunch adherence to the values and philosophy the company was founded upon including bringing the world together by design.

Team Martin, Canada’s Men’s Curling Team for 2010 Olympics Visits Mondetta for a Fitting

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