GoSmallBiz (MOM Article)

Sep 15, 2009 | Government News

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Darryl Spence
Independent Associate, PPL Legal Care of Canada
35 Larkspur Drive
Winnipeg, MB  R2R 2T3

GoSmallBiz is a business consulting firm, giving small-business owners a place to go for expert advice, information, resources and services designed to help entrepreneurs run and grow their businesses. GoSmallBiz members are provided with content-rich channels that focus on information beneficial to small-business owners. They’re able to ask for help and direction on various business topics and questions are carefully analyzed by a consultant who has knowledge in areas such as Tax & Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Legal, Human Resources, Insurance and others.

For legal matters, members are served by a provider law firm that has been carefully screened and selected by PPL Legal Care of Canada Corporation. To use the plan, members simply call their Provider Law Firm directly at the toll-free number on their membership card when they have a legal question or problem. PPL Legal Care of Canada Corporation does all the work: No flipping through a yellow-page style catalogue for a qualified lawyer; no claim forms, no worries about being able to afford a lawyer — just peace of mind.

Many of the issues you face as a self-employed business owner could be easily resolved if you have access to business consultants and lawyers who know what you go through on a daily basis to make your business successful. You can trust the experience of GoSmallBiz and PPL Legal Care of Canada Corporation. Call an Independent Associate today for more information.

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