Canada and Manitoba Make Significant Stimulus Infrastructure Investment

Sep 11, 2009 | Government News

Funding will create jobs, boost local economy
Winnipeg, Manitoba, September 11, 2009 -The Honourable Vic Toews, President of the Treasury Board and the Member of Parliament for Provencher, and the Honourable Ron Lemieux, Minister of Infrastructure and Transportation, today announced that communities across Manitoba will benefit from more than $55.9 million in joint federal-provincial investments for key infrastructure projects worth more than $83.2 million, thanks to a partnership between the governments of Canada and Manitoba. Funding for shovel-ready infrastructure projects is made available under the new Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. 

 “Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Government is stimulating the economy and creating jobs for Canadians,” said Minister Toews. “We understand the importance of investing in roads, bridges and other infrastructure to ensure Manitoba communities remain competitive and prosperous. We want to continue to work with the Government of Manitoba to deliver solid results for Manitobans.”

“Our government believes that by investing in municipal infrastructure and projects that strengthen our communities we are building a better future for Manitobans,” said Minister Lemieux. “The funding we are announcing today will improve things like our roads, water treatment systems and community centers, but it will also create jobs and help our economy grow.”

The Government of Canada’s funding is being provided under the national $4 billion Infrastructure Stimulus Fund and is aimed at getting shovels in the ground for infrastructure projects across Canada that can be materially completed by March 2011. Today’s announcement includes 74 new infrastructure projects in Manitoba that will receive $27.3 million from the federal government and $28.7 million from the provincial government under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. The remaining $27.2 million will come from municipalities or other sources.

The Government of Canada’s Economic Action Plan is accelerating and expanding the existing federal investment of $33 billion in infrastructure with almost $12 billion in new infrastructure stimulus funding over two years.

Today’s announcement continues the important steps the Province of Manitoba is taking to support economic growth by investing $1.6 billion this year, into infrastructure to stimulate the economy, create jobs, and renew the province’s roads, schools, health facilities, and water treatment facilities.


Infrastructure Stimulus Fund at Work in Manitoba 

Through Canada’s Economic Action Plan, the federal government has established a new $4-billion Infrastructure Stimulus Fund that provides funding to provincial, territorial and municipal construction-ready infrastructure rehabilitation projects. Funding is available for two years for projects that will be built during the 2009 and 2010 construction seasons.

About the Program

The Infrastructure Stimulus Fund complements existing federal infrastructure funding by focusing on short-term objectives for economic stimulus. To further this goal of rapid economic stimulus, the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund will focus on construction–readiness as important project selection criteria. The full $4 billion is being distributed in fiscal years 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. Projects will focus largely on the rehabilitation of existing assets such as water, wastewater, public transit, highways, roads, culture, parks, and trails.

For provincial assets, the federal and provincial governments will each contribute up to fifty per cent of eligible costs. For municipal projects, the federal and provincial governments will contribute up to two-thirds of eligible costs jointly, with municipalities expected to contribute one-third.

Infrastructure Stimulus Fund at Work in Manitoba

The Infrastructure Stimulus Fund is already at work in Manitoba. Prior to today’s announcement, 33 projects in Manitoba are receiving a joint federal-provincial investment of almost $223 million under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund. Projects include important investments in provincial highway, parks and trails, and cultural infrastructure, as well as in municipal and not-for-profit sector assets.

On September 11, 2009, Canada and Manitoba announced a joint investment of nearly $56 million ($27.3 million from the federal government and nearly $28.7 million from the provincial government) for 74 provincial and community infrastructure projects that will create jobs and help build stronger communities. 

Projects to be funded under the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund:

1. Community Centres and Cultural Infrastructure (more than $16 million in total eligible costs)

  • Stonewall – Quarry Park Heritage Arts Centre
  • Silver Heights/Sturgeon Creek Community Centre Amalgamation
  • Lubavitch Centre
  • Neechi Commons Community Business Complex 

2. Local Roads and Highway Infrastructure (more than $14 million in total eligible costs)

  • RM of Rosser – King Edward Reclaimed Asphalt
  • RM of Reynolds – Lenchuk Creek Bridge Replacement
  • RM of Langford – Culvert Replacement and Road Renewal on PR Road 85W
  • Altona – 14th Avenue NE Hard Surfacing and Intersection Improvements
  • Minitonas Bridge Repair and Improvement Project
  • RM of Morris – Rosemor Industrial Park Infrastructure
  • RM of Rosser – Grosse Isle Asphalt Paving
  • RM of Bifrost – Municipal Road Upgrade
  • RM of Swan River – Potten Drive Area Paving
  • RM of St. Laurent – Municipal Road Upgrading
  • Town of Ste. Rose du Lac
  • City of Thompson – Asphalite Renewal Process
  • RM of Tache – Gendron Road Redevelopment
  • RM of Coldwell – Asphalt Paving
  • PTH 2 Paving West Limit RM of South Norfolk to PR 244 

3. Solid Waste Management (nearly $1 million in total eligible costs)

  • City of Thompson Recycling Facility Expansion
  • RM of Shoal Lake – Oakburn Lagoon 

4. Water and Wastewater Infrastructure (nearly $32 million in total eligible costs)

  • Niverville – Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • Town of Ste. Anne – Sewer System Upgrade
  • Winnipegosis – Lift Station Upgrades
  • St. Francois Xavier – Cartier Regional Co-op Plant Upgrades
  • Cooks Creek – Trans Canada Prairie Grove Drain Reconstruction
  • Stonewall – Water Main Expansion and assoc Street Renewal
  • RM of North Cypress – Brookdale Sewer System
  • Macdonald – Sanford Water Treatment Plant Conversion and Expansion
  • RM of Lakeview – Langruth Water Treatment Plant
  • RM of Louise – LUD of Clearwater Water Treatment Plant
  • Norway House Wastewater Collection and Water Distribution Renewal
  • RM of Whitemouth – Elma Water and Wastewater
  • St. Lazare – Water Treatment Plant Upgrade
  • Emerson – Wastewater Treatment Upgrade
  • Crystal City – Wastewater Stabilization Pond Expansion and Upgrade
  • Gilbert Plains and Grandview – Town Reservoirs 

 5.  Parks and Trails – City of Winnipeg (more than $20 million in total eligible costs)

  • Eugenie/Des Muerons Bikeway
  • Kildonan Golf Course Pathway
  • Somerville to Seal Pathway
  • Dugald Pathway
  • Brazier/Roch Bikeway
  • Assiniboine Bikeway
  • Dakota/Dunkirk Pathway Phase I
  • Sherwin Road Pathway
  • Moray Street Pathway
  • Omand’s Creek Bridge
  • Harrow Street Bikeway
  • Ellice/St. Matthews Bikeway
  • Bannatyne/McDermont Bikeway
  • Grosvenor Bikeway
  • Pritchard Bikeway
  • Silver Avenue Bikeway
  • Wilkes Avenue Pathway
  • Sherbrook/Maryland Bike Lanes
  • Machray Bikeway
  • Seine River Pathway
  • St. Charles/Flora Bikeway
  • Jubilee Bikeway
  • Dakota/Dunkirk Pathway Phase II
  • Nassau Bikeway
  • Hay Street Bikeway
  • Lagimodiere Pathway
  • Fleet/Warsaw Bikeway
  • St. Mary Avenue Bike Lane
  • Transcona Trail Phase I
  • Archibald Pathway
  • Waverly Pathway
  • Berry Street Bikeway
  • Kildare Avenue Bikeway
  • York Avenue Bike Lanes
  • Alexander/Pacific Bikeway
  • Transcona Trail Phase II
  • Bison Drive Pathway

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