Carman & Community Chamber of Commerce Launches Website

Aug 13, 2009 | Government News

As part of the Carman & Community Chamber of Commerce’s three-year Strategic Plan, we are pleased to announce that we have developed and implemented our Website.  You can view our website at  

Members now have the opportunity to access information about our Chamber from Minutes of Board Meetings, current news/newsletters, online membership profile updates to important Chamber date of events.  We believe our website will be an effective communication tool to serve all of our members. 

We ask our members to please set your default page with our website address as this will not only remind you to check the latest news, but will assist us with a higher usage track record. 

Additional News:

The Carman & Community Chamber of Commerce received a $3,000 grant from the Manitoba Community Services Council. This grant will be used to purchase items for our events. 

We also received a $800 grant from the Manitoba Heritage, Culture, Tourism & Sport in support of our 2009 Potato & Blossom Festival.

Thank you to both organizations. 


The Manitoba Lotteries Corporation, under the Manitoba Community Services Council will grant our Chamber an additional $6,000 to host three Bingo Events. Money raised will be used to purchase fixed assets for our community events. We need nine volunteers for each Bingo Event. If you could volunteer, please contact Rosemarie Grusska at 750-3050 or go to our website at and click on ‘Contact’ to complete an online form.

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