Manitoba Continues Historic Investment in Highway Renewal Plan

May 25, 2009 | Government News

$122 Million Added To Highways Budget in 2009

Increased support of $122 million has been added to the province’s highway renewal plan for year three of the 10-year plan which will continue to improve safety, accelerate infrastructure renewal and help stimulate the economy, Infrastructure and Transportation Minister Ron Lemieux announced today.

“This year, our budget for highway renewal has increased to $545 million from $423 million, an increase of over 30 per cent from 2008 and more than triple the level of investments made in 1999,” said Lemieux. “This significant addition to our highways program will improve roadways and bridges in Manitoba while at the same time create jobs and help to stimulate local economies during uncertain economic times.”

Over 1,500 kilometres of roadway will see construction this season including:

. overpass repairs and upgrades on PTH 59 at PTH 100;

. paving on the north and southbound lanes of PTH 59 near Birds Hill;

. reconstruction of a section of PTH 8 north of Gimli;

. continued improvements to PTH 2 and PTH 3;

. completion of the project on PTH 83 near Benito;

. another 30 km of work on PTH 68;

. continued work in the north on PTH 6 and 10, and PR 373 and 374;

. continued investment in Brandon including the 18th Street bridges, the eastern access and PTH 10 south;

. major investments in remote communities including significant funding for work on the east side of Lake Winnipeg through the recently announced East Side Road Authority;

. over $50 million to rehabilitate or rebuild more than 50 bridges and structures across the province; and

. rehabilitation of PTH 75 and start of construction on CentrePort Canada Way, both projects which are cost shared with the federal government.

Recent infrastructure projects announced jointly by the provincial and federal governments under the stimulus program include:

. over 130 km of reconstruction and paving on the Trans-Canada Highway (PTH 1),

. paving PTH 1A (First Street) in Brandon from PR 457 to PTH 1, and

. grading and surfacing of PR 373 from Sea Falls to north of PR 374.

In 2009, the annual provincial budget for highway and bridge renewal has more than doubled since 2006. Today’s announcement continues the important steps the province is taking to support economic growth by investing $1.6 billion this year in infrastructure in order to stimulate the economy, create jobs and renew the province’s road, schools, health and water-treatment facilities, said Lemieux.

“We have made a commitment to strengthening and rebuilding infrastructure in this province and I’m pleased to say we have and will continue to follow through on that commitment. In the first three years of our historic highway plan alone, we will invest over $1.3 billion, nearly the entire expenditure on highways during the 1990s.”

The minister noted that motorists are reminded to slow down and use caution when approaching and in construction zones for the safety of workers. Updated information on road conditions and lane restrictions is available at any time at

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