Event Recap: Optimizing Employee Retention

May 24, 2009 | Government News

Although this event was formally titled “Optimizing Employee Retention in Non-profits”, it provided great insights for all kinds of employers.

Featuring Daniel Perron; a Business Performance Consulting Practice Leader with Protegra, Inc.;the May 21, 2009 event sold out.  

Attendee evaluations applauded Mr. Perron for his perspective on an issue that is growing in importance, and difficulty, for many employers.

Mr. Perron touched on these key areas:

  • Setting the stage: about people and behaviour
  • Why people join an organization; why they stay
  • Long-term organizational strategy for performance
  • A system for achieving alignment and performance
  • Focus on the employee
  • Employee engagement
  • Managing behaviour

To access his PowerPoint click here.

A series of videos capturing his presentation are now available (viewers are encouraged to follow along with the PowerPoint to optimize the impact of the presentation).

Part 1: “Introduction”

Part 2: “Setting the stage – about people and behaviour”

Part 3: “Why people join an organization; why they stay” and “Long-term organizational strategy for performance”

Part 4: “A system for achieving alignment and performance”

Part 5: “Focus on the employee”, “Employee engagement” and “Managing behaviour”  


Thanks to Protegra, Inc. for sponsoring this event.  

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