Report on AGM 2009: Trivia Challenge Celebrates Manitoba

May 5, 2009 | Government News

Each year the AGM Banquet features a Trivia Challenge that pits teams against each other as they test their knowledge regarding Manitoba. It’s all part of the MCC’s efforts to celebrate the ‘Manitoba mystique’ – the people, places, achievements and history that makes Manitoba great.

2009 was the 9th year for the Trivia Challenge, which has proven to be hugely popular. Larry McIntosh, CEO and President of Peak of the Market (a corporate member of the MCC) hosted the event.

The event involves 16 questions.  Each member of the winning team received a trophy, a t-shirt that says ‘Man., What A Province’, and a Peak of the Market prize pack.

Here is a video of highlights of the contest:

You can try your hand at the Trivia Challenge here:

1) 2009 is the centenary of the birth of this Manitoba author:

a) Marshal McLuhan

b) Miriam Waddington

c) Margaret Laurence

d) Gabrielle Roy

2) Filmed in Manitoba, the screen adaption of Margaret Laurence’s The Stone Angel stared this actress:

a) Renée Zellweger

b) Ellen Burstyn

c) Olympia Dukakis

d) Julie Christie

3) Two of Manitoba’s beaches made it into Canadian Geographic Travel magazine’s 2008 list of the top beaches in Canada; Grand Beach and:

a) Winnipeg Beach

b) Manitou Beach

c) Little Limestone Lake Park Reserve

d) Beaver Creek Beach

4) This TV show featured U.S. characters coming to Manitoba to take advantage of Canada’s relatively cheap prescription drugs:

a) Family Guy

b) The Simpsons

c) ER

d) The Office

5) What is Louis Riel’s middle name?

a) Guillaume

b) Jean

c) William

d) David

6) Manitoba’s Andrew Davidson had a smash debut novel called “The Gargoyle.” What is the name of the lead character?

a) Azarius Lacasse

b) Dante Alighieri

c) Cuyler Goodwill

d) We never know

7) In 2008 Manitoba’s Gavin Ferland won the League for Human Rights’ ‘Student Human Rights Award’ for a poem entitled “Just Because My Face is”:

a) Green

b) Dark

c) Blue

d) Sad

8 ) The book “Men of Courage from our First Nations” features 10 profiles, including one of Manitoban Frank Abraham for his work as:

a) A surgeon  

b) A First Nation Chief

c) A police officer

d) A fireman

9) Complete this line from the Bells’ hit ‘Moody Manitoba Morning’, “Nothing’s really happening, it never does. Just got up and waited for…”

a) my girl

b) the sunrise

c) the mailman

d) the paper

10) Nicknamed ‘Bruce’, Manitoba’s largest fossil discovery is a 13-metre:

a) Hesperornis

b) Xiphactinus

c) Mosasaur

d) Plesiosaur

11) This album won a 2009 Juno in the ‘Roots & Traditional Album Of The Year: Group’ category for Manitoba’s Chic Gamine:

a) Highway Prayer

b) Fast Paced World

c) Chic Gamine

d) Embracing Voices

12) Manitoba’s Cameron Huley participated in this event in 2008:

a) Culinary Olympics

b) Beijing Summer Olympics

c) National Spelling Bee

d) International Magic Competition

13) Manitoba’s Chris Chuckry helped color the cover of a comic book that saw this hero meet Barack Obama:

a) Captain America

b) Batman

c) Superman

d) Spider-Man

14) Born in Manitoba, Irvine Robbins has this claim to fame:

a) Founded Baskin-Robbins

b) Last man hung in Manitoba

c) Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff

d) 2008 International Student of the Year

15) In 2009 a Manitoba screening of this classic silent film was accompanied by 92 musicians performing live:

a) The Passion of Joan of Arc

b) The Gold Rush

c) The Hunchback of Notre Dame

d) Isn’t Life Wonderful?

16) In 2009 the Canadian Space Agency announced a short list of 16 people who could be Canada’s next astronaut. This member of the list wasn’t raised in Manitoba:

a) Matthew Bamsey

b) Allyson Hindle

c) Mark McCullins

d) Keith Wilson


1 d)

2 b)

3 c)

4 b)

5 d)

6 d)

7 e)

8 b)

9 c)

10 c)

11 c)

12 a)

13 d)

14 a)

15 a)

16 a)


The Manitoba Chambers thanks the Arborg and Riverton Chambers of Commerce for hosting AGM 2009 and these sponsors for making the event possible (click on the company name to access their website):

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