New Initiative Which Allows Manitobans To Recycle Wireless Devices

May 5, 2009 | Government News

Recycling Old Cell Phones, Wireless Devices Made Easy

Manitobans now have the opportunity to recycle used wireless devices such as cellular telephones through the Recycle My Cell program, managed by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA). The announcement was made today by Conservation Minister Stan Struthers and Bernard Lord, CWTA president and CEO.

“We encourage Manitobans to take full advantage of this innovative program,” said Struthers. “Instead of throwing their old cell phone in a drawer, a desk or in the garbage, Manitobans should visit for more information on how to recycle their old devices. Taking advantage of this program will help us reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills every year.”

The initiative will see used cell phones and cell-phone equipment being refurbished or recycled to make other products.

“The program we’re introducing today illustrates that thinking green doesn’t need to be complicated,” said Lord. “The simple act of dropping off an old cell phone at any one of the more than 100 Recycle My Cell locations in Manitoba will go a long way in protecting our environment and enriching our communities.”

This free initiative informs Manitobans where and how to recycle cell phones and other wireless devices, such as wireless cards, batteries and chargers, regardless of carrier, brand or condition. Visitors to can enter a postal code and a list of the 10 nearest recycling depots will be provided.

After the device has been donated, either at a designated drop-off point or sent by mail, it is sent to a recycling plant where it can be refurbished or taken apart for scrap. Proceeds from the sale of refurbished phones and scrap materials are donated to numerous national and local charities including the World Wildlife Fund, Tree Canada, Food Banks Canada and Resource Conservation Manitoba, the minister said.

“We congratulate the CWTA and its president and CEO Bernard Lord, for the commitment to corporate responsibility in the area of environmental stewardship,” Struthers said. “The province is encouraged and supportive of the leadership role the wireless communications industry is showing in managing its waste material. This proactive, voluntary management approach is something the rest of the electronics industry should be considering.”

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