Manitoba Introduces New Legislation For Apprenticeship

Apr 27, 2009 | Government News

Legislation that would give businesses and apprentices more flexibility and help address labour shortages was introduced today by Competitiveness, Training and Trade Minister Andrew Swan.

“This is an important bill that would set the future of apprenticeship in our province,” said Swan. “It would ensure that apprenticeship continues to evolve in response to the diverse needs of employers, apprentices, educational institutions and communities. This legislation would strengthen the economy by promoting skill development and, in turn, address labour shortages.

“This new legislation would allow apprentices to maintain their apprenticeship agreements when they move from one employer to another. This new and positive development would result in saving the apprentice time and money in addition to increasing mobility and reducing administrative processes.”

The proposed legislation, the Apprenticeship and Certification Act, would clarify the educational role of Apprenticeship Manitoba by allowing other government departments with enforcement expertise to enforce apprenticeship regulations. In addition, the bill would update the governance structure to allow the Apprenticeship and Trades Qualifications Board to better plan and co-ordinate an accessible and transparent apprenticeship model in Manitoba.

In 2008, the Apprenticeship Futures Commission report outlined a strategic direction for the apprenticeship training and certification model. Implementing 23 recommendations of the Apprenticeship Futures Commission is a top priority for the government, the minister said.

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