Getting the Scoop on Manitoba Budget 2009

Apr 16, 2009 | Government News

For the first time ever the MCC has assembled a one-stop for businesses looking to get the bottom line on what the 2009 Manitoba Budget means to them.   

Exclusive ‘Leaders’ Video

The MCC’s coverage features an exclusive clip of Finance Minister Greg Selinger; Hugh McFadyen, leader of the Official Opposition; and Dr. Jon Gerrard, Leader of the Provincial Liberals explaining their views on the Budget. 




As well, for the first time ever the MCC has assembled Budget analysis from four of its members (listed alphabetically, click on the company name to access the report):

BMO Financial Group


Meyers Norris Penny LLP

TD Bank Financial Group


Link to the Government’s Budget Documents  

You can access the Government site explaining the Budget here.  

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, dedicated to a business community that is informed.    


Samples of the MCC in the Media     

Winnipeg Free Press, March 25, 2009: 

From Dan Overall, MCC Director of Policy and Communications

“In the knowledge economy jurisdictions need to nurture and harness creativity to truly prosper. This government has done great things to build Manitoba’s creative potential and this Budget is no exception, but there is room for improvement.

We still have a capital tax that penalizes business for investing. The fact that the government collected $40 million more on this tax than it intended shows they missed the boat. And we still have a payroll tax that penalizes business for investing in employees.”

“The government also needs to improve its accountability. An Ontario report says 30 per cent of its province’s jobs are “creativity-oriented” – requiring workers to “apply thinking and knowledge skills to changing situations and to make decisions on how best to proceed,” rather than relying on routine. Anybody know what that number is for Manitoba?”


Manitoba tables balanced budget: ‘Steady-as-she-goes’ province aims for a mixture of fiscal prudence and economic stimulus, will fund $625-million in infrastructure spending by increasing debt and raising taxes and fees by Chinta Puxley, Globe and Mail, March 26, 2009

Dan Overall of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce said he was pleased the province didn’t react to the economic downturn with knee-jerk spending. But he said some business taxes are still too high.

“We don’t expect the government to get rid of the payroll tax in one fell swoop, but at least an acknowledgment that it’s on the radar screen and it’s inappropriate to penalize a business for hiring more people or paying them more would have been nice,” Mr. Overall said.

“But on the whole, I think you have to give this government credit for its steady and informed approach to dealing with a financial downturn.”

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, dedicated to a business community that is heard.

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