A First In Canada: New Guide Specifically Targeted To Help Immigrant Women Adapt To Their New Home

Apr 16, 2009 | Government News

Labour and Immigration Minister Nancy Allan, minister responsible for the status of women, unveiled the new Living in Manitoba:  A Resource Guide for Immigrant Women. The guide is the first of its kind in Canada, designed specifically for immigrant women to help them successfully transition to their new way of life in Manitoba

“The guide is designed to assist immigrant women to adapt to their new surroundings and, more importantly, to empower them and give them the tools and knowledge they need to make Manitoba their home.  The guide takes into account the unique settlement experiences and needs of immigrant women, providing helpful hints and contact information for a wide range of services and supports across the province,” said Allan. “It is a comprehensive reference guide for all aspects of women’s lives in Manitoba, written specifically for immigrant women.”

Using plain language, the new guide offers advice on navigating resources and services as well as cultural practices in Manitoba and Canada. The guide gives practical information on issues such as legal rights, finding housing, child care and dressing for Manitoba’s diverse seasons. 

“An advisory committee of community and government representatives provided direction, content and format for the guide,” said Allan.  “It provides contact information to the many government and community resources that have been developed to address the needs and concerns of immigrant women.”

The guide will be distributed throughout Manitoba to a variety of community-based organizations, government services and adult learning centres.  It will also be available online at: www.manitoba.ca/msw. 

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