Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Federal Liberals, Addresses the Manitoba & Winnipeg Chambers

Apr 15, 2009 | Government News

Michael Ignatieff made his first public speech in Manitoba as Leader of the Federal Liberals in this event held by the Manitoba and Winnipeg Chambers of Commerce.

Mr. Igantieff spoke on a wide array of issues to an audience of over 400.

MCCTV features these video excerpts:

Part 1: Infrastructure

Part 2: A Vision for Canada

Thanks to Mr. Ignatieff and a special thanks to sponsor MTS Allstream for making this event possible. 

Mr. Ignatieff met with Graham Starmer, President of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, and Dave Angus, President and CEO of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, prior to the event to discuss a range of issues. While Starmer declined to get into specifics, he indicated that the conversation was candid and productive.

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