Original Pictures Inc. (MOM Article Profile)

Mar 6, 2009 | Government News

Nicholas Hirst, CEO

Nicholas Hirst, CEO

Original Pictures Inc.,

602-191 Lombard Avenue,

Winnipeg, Mb R3B 0X1


What They Do:

Original Pictures is a boutique production company making film and television drama, factual and reality television for North American and international markets.

Claim to Fame:

Seven Geminis, one Crystal Heart, 2005 Manitoba Outstanding Small Business Award. ‘Falcon Beach’, ‘A Bear Named Winnie’, ‘The Shields and Atwood Stories’ the upcoming ‘Throwing Stones’ and ‘Crystal’ a rock horror video starring Fresh I.E.

Business Philosophy:

“JJ Abrams produced a show about a college student called ‘Felicity’. He asked, what would happen if she joined the CIA. That show became ‘Alias’. Then he asked what would happen if a bunch of people survived a plane crash on a remote island. Always ask, ‘what if?'”

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