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Mar 4, 2009 | Government News

Jeff Koziuk, Account Executive, Software Licensing Services, Acrodex

Jeff Koziuk, Account Executive, Software Licensing Services, Acrodex




418-445 Ellice Avenue

Winnipeg, MB, R3B 3P5

What they do: Software licensing services, including software assessments, management of volume licensing agreements, per-unit price reductions, annual maintenance benefits and software asset management services.

Claim to fame:  “It has been rewarding to share and build upon the software licensing knowledge I learned while living out of province.  Our customers and partners here in the Manitoba community appreciate that those services can now be provided from local employees; and Acrodex is definitely proud to have made the commitment and investment to the local community.”    

Business Philosophy: “Never ask a client or business to trust you.  Instead ask them to give you/your business for an opportunity.  Earning that trust over time by delivering on what you say is the only way to build strong trusted relationships.”


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