Protegra Expands into New Industries with Acquisition

Feb 15, 2009 | Corporate Member News

Non-Profit organizations and Associations can now access Protegra’s tailored solutions without large initial investments

Protegra announced that it has acquired the assets of The Information Forge Inc., a provider of case and membership management software for associations and non-profit organizations. In addition, owners and key personnel from The Information Forge Inc. have joined the Protegra team.

“We are thrilled that our acquisition of The Information Forge Inc. has closed. There is a great cultural fit and complementary blend of expertise between our two companies. With the assets gained in the transaction, Protegra is now able to deliver value to a whole new group of organizations” said Wadood Ibrahim, CEO of Protegra.

Protegra will combine its existing business performance consulting and IT practices with the expertise and technology gained in the acquisition to help associations and non-profit organizations improve their planning, service delivery, outcomes measurement, and information management.

“When engaging organizations that don’t have a large IT budget, we use to find it a challenge to provide tailored solutions because much of the solution cost is incurred up-front in software construction,” said Ian Scatliff, Protegra’s Offering Manager. “With The Information Forge’s configurable software, provided via the Internet, that’s no longer a barrier. We are able to provide tailored solutions while allowing organizations to spread out the cost of the solution over its lifetime by subscribing to the solution on a monthly basis. It’s an efficient engagement model both from a financial and administrative perspective.”

David Robinson, Managing Director and part-owner of The Information Forge Inc. says, “We now have access to a well established range of people and resources that enhances our stability and gives us the ability to grow in a way that was not previously possible.”

Protegra professionals help organizations around the world identify and solve tough business performance challenges to enable sales, operations and information technology.

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