MCC Vision

Feb 14, 2009 | Government News

Policy development that brings together businesses of all sizes, from all sectors, and communities across Manitoba;

Non-partisan public debates of integrity, that criticize government where necessary, praise government where warranted, and disdain personal attacks and exaggeration;

A Business community that demonstrates high ethical standards in all it does;

Businesses dedicated to the vitality of their communities, the prosperity of their employees and the sustainability of the environment;

A province that understands the nature and value of entrepreneurship and promotes the competitive enterprise system;

A provincial government with sound, long-term economic strategies that are focused without ignoring opportunity, flexibility and diversity;

Government policies and spending that are efficient and effective, delivering the programs that Manitobans need and helping the disadvantaged;

A vigorous and integrated chamber of commerce movement throughout Manitoba and Canada;ย and

A Manitoba that promotes the progress of all its citizens toward individual freedom, dignity and prosperity, and opposes any form of negative discrimination or needless control.

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