Shocknife® Cül Company Podcast

Feb 14, 2009 | Government News

Rory Bochinski, President, Shocknife®

Another edition of the “Manitoba’s Cül Companies” radio show is now available by podcast.

The show featured Rory Bochinski, President, Shocknife®, who shed insights on a wide range of topics including prototyping, viral marketing, market differentiation, financing and ‘never playing small’.

Shocknife®’s composite blade is incapable of cutting, but it gives you a shock that simulates the feeling of being knifed. For those involved in the military, corrections and law enforcement it is a huge step forward in inducing the fear and stress required for realistic training. Shocknife has doubled its sales, and its training programs are so popular it is looking at developing the first private training facility in Canada.

The podcast is available here.

You can access Shocknife®’s website at

To suggest a Cül Company or to send in a question for a Cül Company email [email protected].

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