Botanical PaperWorks Cül Company Podcast

Feb 11, 2009 | Government News

Reimer-Epp, General Manager, Botanical PaperWorks


The first edition of the “Manitoba’s Cül Companies” radio show is now available by podcast.

The show featured Heidi Reimer-Epp, General Manager of Botanical PaperWorks, who shed insights on a wide array of business topics including marketing, accessing government programs, dealing with big companies like Starbucks and what her worst mistake was as a businessperson.

Botanical PaperWorks produces eco-friendly paper that you can actually plant when you are done with it. Called Garden GreetingsTM, it is made with pure North American wildflower seeds and a base fibre of cotton or 100 per cent post-consumer waste (no trees were cut down to make it). It now has a staff of 25, with plans to expand to 30.

The podcast is available here.

You can access Botanical PaperWorks’ website at

To suggest a Cül Company or to send in a question for a Cül Company email [email protected].

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