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Let’s Talk About the Number One, Most Dangerous Thing About Health Programs

Believe it or not, it’s having them “in place.” They become a fixture in the workplace, and then they become forgotten. It’s like everything else in this world; we forget about the great things we have once the novelty wears off.

It’s the reason a workplace needs an excellent wellness board. You need to keep engaging the workplace with new adventures in health both during the work day, and the weekends. Remembering, of course, the weekend options don’t need to be co-workers interacting, but merely ideas to stay active and unplug.

Try implementing these three programs, engage staff on social media, and give some simple gifts to reward participants.

1) Hiking trails – If you need inspiration, just head to Travel Manitoba’s site. They will keep you on a new trail every weekend, all summer.

2) Instagram potluck – Share healthy recipes amongst friends and co-workers. Make some easy, healthy meals and share them with social media.

3) Walking groups – Let’s see those places you walk at work, and the step counter that hits 10,000 steps. Inactivity is the biggest enemy of productivity. Just move, and aim for 10,000 steps.

Wellness committees and boards need to combat staff taking the program for granted and ignoring it. What do people love? They love to win things; they love social media, and they love feeling recognized.

Get your staff out and about, pick a hashtag, and then give away $10 coffee cards, massages, spa treatments, or anything else you can think of. Just don’t let your staff get bored, feel forgotten or become disengaged. Wellness makes an impact when staff sees it’s a priority for everyone.

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